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Welcome to
Nueces Water Supply Corporation

Nueces Water Supply Corporation (NWSC) is a member-owned non-profit corporation that provides water to rural residents of western Nueces County. The Corporation was formed in 1983 and currently serves approximately 875 customers. NWSC is governed by a five member Board of Directors who are elected by its members.


NWSC Annual Membership Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
STWA Boardroom, 2302 East Sage Road, Kingsville, Texas

Annual Membership Meeting - 10:00 am - See agenda.
Regular Board Meeting - 10:15 am - See agenda.


*** Notices ***

Office Closure
Our offices will be closed on Friday, April 14, 2017.


Temporary Change in Disinfectant Use - March 6, 2017


Total Trhihalomethane (TTHM) MCL, LRAA Violation
April 3, 2017


Important Reminder:
It is a requirement for all customers to have a shut-off valve located immediately on customer's side of the meter, no more than 12" outside the meter box.